Soft-eLicenser doesnt have enough permissions to run...


Since a while each time I start Cubase 8.5 I get the notification ‘‘Soft-eLicenser doesnt have enough permissions to run properly. Please run LCC to fix this problem’’. This was quite randomly from one to another day. I did update my Windows 10 a few weeks ago, so I personally think it has something to do with that. Does anyone have a solution for this??


Right-click to the eLCC and run it as an Administrator. Run Maintenance. Then close it.

Now it should works.

Hi, I don’t know “hot to create a soft e-lipcencer on my computer system” I don’t have any USBeLinecer. I have re-installed e-licenser but it didn’t help :frowning: I want to activate Cubase LE AI Elements 8. Maybe anyone had a similar problem?


Lets start from scratch, please. What Cubase version do you own? In the 1st post you wrote about Cubase 8.5 (which is Cubase Pro/Artist). You need a USB-eLicenser for this. In the 2nd post, you mentioned Cubase Elements/LE/AI. You don’t need a USB-eLicenser, but you need the Soft-eLicenser.