Soft - eLicenser error


I am experimenting a strange Soft-elicenser error.
I do have installed Cubase 5 on a machine, then I installed Sequel 2 LE and WaveLab 7 LE from the Keys magazine disc.
While Cubase openes, it showes an error of the Soft-elicenser number.

The elicencer program says, that the Soft elicense number is damaged and then asks me to do a repair of the Soft-elicencer number, which fails. As Cubase uses the dongle , regarding Cubase there´s no further problem, but Sequel 2 LE and WaveLab 7 LE refuse to open, showing the same error. So this error is about Sequel 2 LE and WaveLab 7 LE.

Sorry to bother you Cubase users for putting this in this forum, but as I cannot get registered Sequel 2 LE nor Wavelab 7 LE, i am not allowed to use the indicated forum.

Any help is apreciated.
All the best and Happy New Year.

Hello Roger,

Please get in touch with our support department to solve this issue. This cannot be done over the forum. Thank you in advance.

Support contact details can be found here



you can solve this issue by just deleting/renaming the file “SeLicenser.sel”
in the ProgramData\Syncrosoft folder [or just search for it]

If the old plugin does not work anymore try re-registering it.

This means disabling the Soft-eLicenser and therefore making sure that WaveLab LE and Sequel LE stay inoperative! Without further steps it’s not a solution. It’s rather like a brain amputation to get rid of headache.
Like Chris wrote filling out a support form is the way to go.

Thanks for your more detailed reply, Georg. I´ll give it a go.
Any idea, why this happens?

All the best


went through this yesterday.
There’s a new version of elcc available for download.
quite a few steps were taken for me to enable this lcc again
best to contact support and THEY WILL help.

good luck

Well my solution was more like get the brain out and in again, to stay in that metaphore :wink:
Can’t you just re-install those programs or just re-register? Is the problem solved then or the same?

Georg, that just made my day. :laughing: Funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. :laughing: :sunglasses:

Good one…
The problem here is, I am the person in charge of technical support for Steinberg for my local distributor, I ´d have to ask myself…so who do I ask? There is no support form in my account available ( I am in Mexico).

All the best,