soft-Elicenser fails to activate LE5


I have never used the soft-elicenser thing (used dongled C4,5,6). I get the “soft-elicenser used already on another computer” message. There is no info around the net and I’m stuck. The support contact for my country (the Czech Rep.) is the distributor, so I guess they are not going to solve a license/mysteinberg/central thing.

Any ideas? I’m getting a bit tired, spend already too much time in order to activate a bundled product…

Sure I have the newest licence control center


4 months and no reply? Am I really the first one who ever had trouble with the software e-licenser?

You need to re-authorize it from the sound of it. You need to install the version of eLicenser that came on the disk in overwrite mode to produce a new #. Instructions at eLicenser and the Knowledge Base at Steinberg.

Thanks, I didn’t know about the overwrite mode, I tried installing the latest version, after I stumbled upon the problem, but that didn’t help. I will try what you have suggested.