Soft-eLicenser Issue

So, I went to go work on some clients’ commissions. For some reason though, my eLicenser is “lacking permissions” to run. I assumed, “Hm, hopefully it’s nothing serious.” It is.
Cubase 10.5 loads up normally, and I can load and create projects, import plugins, etc. However, I cannot hear a single thing. I tried adjusting the audio output settings in the studio, in the preferences, even messing with making new busses and rerouting existing ones. Nothing is working, and no audio is coming out.
Now, I can still make the music. Visually. Though I’m no Beethoven, and thus require sound to successfully compose and mix to the best of my abilities. Composing without sound only gets you so far.
Does anyone know how I can fix this issue? I did try to run the eLicenser maintenance. However, the Syncrosoft folder only has a the file “SeLicenser.sel”. I’ve never once accessed this folder, as I’ve had no issues with the eLicenser up until now. Though, based on perusing forums, reddit threads, etc., I understand there should be a few other files in there, unless I’m looking in the wrong folder under C:/Programdata/…
Could it be something with my eLicenser has malfunctioned? Can I obtain a new eLicenser and would that fix my issue? And more importantly, does this mean all my current work, including commissions for clients, can be accessed safely after all is fixed?

Thankfully, my clients aren’t big producers or media giants, and none have no real time constraints on when their music must be completed. However, they do expect something, and surely don’t want to wait too long. I’ve also backed up all my Cubase files and plugins to an external drive, in case something else goes wrong in the process of maintenance.

Help me, Steinberg community (and employees who may be perusing). You’re my only hope!

If Cubase loads up with no message of a problem and works except for audio output it is not the elicence. It sounds like you have an audio interface problem. Have you checked that your audio interface is selected and then used in the connection settings? I think if I had clients waiting for work I would be using Cubase pro and not one of the more basic versions of Cubase but if it works fir you fine.

Perhaps it is this