Soft-eLicenser MISSSING in My Steinberg Account

Currently I’m changing a new Win 10 laptop as previously I’m using Win 7 laptop with registered Cubase AI 8 and UR22 MK-II audio interface.
My old laptop Win 7 was broken and I couldn’t open my laptop anymore.

Now this is the thing, after I installed Cubase AI 8 and soft-eLisencer, I can’t download license since I can’t find my previous soft-elicenser serial number which has been registered in my previous broken laptop. So I cannot proceed with Reactivation because I can’t find my previous registered soft-eLicenser in My Steinberg account.

I have tried to online search in My Steinberg account, I only found registered UR22 MK-II hardware but none of the software or registered soft-eLicense in my current account.

Please help me if you know how to solve this issue. Thanks a lot!

Hi and welcome,

Was your previous Cubase (Soft-eLicenser) registered in your MySteinberg account?