soft elicenser on offline PC

Hi All,

I’ve purchased Cubase 8 elements a while ago and I’m using it with a soft elicenser. I recently took my DAW PC offline because of several reasons and after some time (days) cubase will no longer start stating the license is not found. I can still see the license on the ECC but as expected maintenance fails. Is using the soft elicenser offline possible or do I need to stay online for license verification?

Steinberg is somewhat vague about this…they only say you cannot use soft elicenser on a computer not connected because you need it to download the activation. There is no mention of being able to take it offline after this.

That said I and I’m sure many others use cutdown versions on laptops that are often not connected without issue.

I think maybe you just got unlucky. …if you connect and update elicenser and run maintenance and synchronisation you’ll probably get your license back and hopefully it will stay activated.