Soft-eLicenser: Your system finger print is not valid anymore

i have been dealing with this issue for the last month everytime i open spectral layers or izotope rx i would loose all my licences on my elicence control . and would get this error . i finally downloaded the old elicence control and now im able to use all my programs haven had this issue for 2 day so i hope that took care of it !try this ! i believe itis their new elicence control download that is corrupted i eve tryed running the repair down load and got the same issues .hope that helps the few that are having this issue .

Usually see that after a change in the system, maybe a bios update, new drive, ram, change of mouse or even putting dongle it a different USB socket, can you think of any changes you e made?

p ! everything happen afteri purchased spectral layers and upgraded wavelab from 9.5 to 10 . back in december when they had the promotions going on . it has been down hill sinse them ! i have lost lots of time and effort to get my system to run properly . untill i installed the old elicence control software . there has to be something wrong with the new software . i have never had any issues of this kind untill i installed those 2 programs and updated the elicence control. still have problems with wavelab 10 pro not been able to import files from the file browser . and had to purchase ''hofa ‘’ software to finish my custumers project wich i was not very happy to do sinse i had just paid for wavelabs upgrade . very disaponted with Steinbers products at this time.

That is strange, has your elicencer been used in different machines over the years, it may be that it needs updating or may be damaged, it’s worth sending crash reports into Steinberg as wavelab should talk to the dongle and other Steinberg software without issue.

Hoffa plugins are really quite underrated, been using a few releases of theirs for some years.

This refers to the Soft-eLicenser, not the USB dongle.

Are all your licenses on the physical dongle, or do you also have licenses on the Soft-eLicenser?

all phisical licences the dongle has never left my studio its always in my pc . and as i said in the previos post everything works Great but only with the old elicence support software . but as soon as update the elicence control it messes everything up and i loose all my licences !

I’m sorry, but I asked a different question –

i have elicences that some how got registered to my pc but all my program licences are in mt phisical dongle.