Soft Licensing for Cubase Pro (like Adobe)

Cubase Pro Users should have the choice to use a Soft Licenser instead of dongles.

A modern DAW does not require a dongle. Especially for mobile users it’s a pain.

For me it is actually a reason to change my DAW after using Cubase for almost 10 years.

I agree.

I have a large suite of Steinberg products, and a constant hassle going back-and-forth between my desktop and my laptop. Yes, I can “just” move the dongle (and I do), but in day-to-day life this is actually a significant hassle compared to all my other softwares, which are boot-and-go without exception.

For the cost of buying a 2nd Cubase license, I can darn-near (or actually, depending …) buy the “competition” instead, and the “competition” let’s me have my desktop and my laptop licensed at the same time without any operational issues at all (and no risk of losing or damaging a dongle either).

Even if I were to somehow once accept the cost of buying a 2nd license (or licenses) to run Cubase Pro (and/or other my Steinberg products) on my laptop and desktop both, the forever-after costs of keeping TWO sets of licenses current through upgrades year-after-year is absolutely unacceptable. It’s just not going to happen.

The “competition” does not confront me with this issue at all.

I would say it’s now “standard industry practice” for all serious software to allow users to be licensed for and operate on at least two computers (e.g. base machine, and laptop). “Standard” that is, for practically everyone except Steinberg!

Please end this 2nd class treatment of your customers, Steinberg, it’s the best (only) way to keep them!

Yup - that dongle and only one license is actually holding me off getting on board Cubase Pro comming from Logic and Studio one. It’s a massive bummer, I was shocked to find out. I just started to install the demo and it started to ask me for the blue key and one top of that one license - ONE !!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :open_mouth:

Yep, and if you’re also using Cubase for Live gigs, imagine how you forget dongle in your desktop and find this on soundcheck…)))


There has been a thread about this already, and if I remember correctly someone at Steinberg replied that they’re working on a solution. Still, please Steinberg, make this your top priority, and roll out an update soon! :smiley:

Nice to hear :slight_smile: I think other Steinberg products (like the LE editions) already work with a Soft Licenser. So the technology is already there?!

Ditch the dongle plz

I’m new to Cubase Pro and didn’t think about having a second computer (laptop) at the time I purchased the product. Does anybody know if
Stienberg is really putting serious thought into this? They should at least offer an expanion liecense at a much reduced price.

this would definitely be great!

If Steinberg is concerned with limiting a user to a single working rig per license, then they should definitely adopt the Adobe model. Works perfectly!


Producing music on laptop the dongle was my main reason to avoid Cubase for years… I only got it recently because of great deal I’ve encountered. In reality I still launch Bitwig or Reason more often, simply because I can’t be bothered locating the dongle, I’m afraid I’m gonna break it (or the laptop) when I accidentally hit it with my hand, it takes up space & ports, etc… It’s discouraging that it’s the paying users that suffer the inconvenience.

+1 It would be nice to be able to work on a mix or experiment with settings on my laptop sometimes at night, without having to take doggle from my main worksation, as long as never using both at same time.

No more dongles please!

I’m a long time Steinberg user and always thought that the dongle is a messy thing. Never lost one (have four dongles for use in multiple computers that require that kind of protection) but anyhow i think that it’s a really damm think and Steinberg should have replace that protection for another one that does not implies hardware stuff that you might loose


iLok Cloud seems to be an interesting concept: you decide whether you keep your licenses in a dongle or online. If you hate dongles, keep your licenses online, if you dig dongles, go on and have as many as you like.

For those who dislike the ideia of having their work machines online, you could do a basic elicenser app for smartphones - have Cubase show you a QR code, log to your account in your smartphone and read the QR Code to perform elicenser validation.

Cloud license would be a better fit no? I know you have to have internet for that, but it seems it would be nice to be able to push things from 1 computer to another.

This is EXACTLY why I have StudioOnePro and Reaper here BTW. Im not buying another license and maintaining two. Its WAY easier just to open and use S1 or Reaper for any live or location things Im doing. I dont need to crawl behind my Mac so I can grab the dongle to use in the living room on my PC laptop let alone take to a gig, not happening.

Needing to be online before launching would not work for me at all. Reduced price second dongle sounds good.
Upgrades would still only cost the single price yeah?. The Dongle could probably be more compact too, I doubt there is a lot of data on it.
My D-Link dongle is the size of my thumbnail.

Getting rid of the USB dongle is a good idea. Having to have your audio PC connected to the internet for license confirmation is not a good idea. So of these two ideas I prefer the dongle.

Regards :sunglasses:

waiting for news from Steinberg.