Soft Lock = Initializing: Video Player / Windows Installer

Cubase 64bit v 8.0.40
Win 10

I haven’t worked on music in months. I’m coming back to some old projects to render for a client.

Upon start-up one issue came up. I apparently had to update/repair my “soft” (hd) elicenser, so I did that and it actually worked. yay. nope. wrong. :unamused:

I restarted my computer and launched cubase again. As the title of the thread suggests, it soft locks on “Initializing: Video Player” during the start-up splash screen procedure. At the same time a generic looking Windows Installer pops up and doesn’t progress from “Preparing to Install…”. I have to use task mngr to kill Cubase. Just to clarify I am not trying to install or reinstall anything. I am merely trying to launch cubase which worked fine previously. The installer pops up automatically.

I tried moving all video related files out of the components folder to attempt to bypass this as one user mentioned in a previous thread. That didn’t work. (of course I moved them back)

I disabled all audio devices that were not necessary. That didn’t work.

I looked for quicktime to make sure it was up to date as someone else recommend in a previous thread. It doesn’t even exist. Is quicktime REQUIRED? If it was installed at some point I might have uninstalled it because I thought “why on earth do I have or need quicktime?”

Should I install quicktime directly from downloading from their site? Or do I need some sort of version/files from my Cubase CD/or a Cubase download/installer??

In a thread dealing with v9.5 people mention rolling back nvidia drivers. There is NO WAY I am going to do that.

About once a year I have to completely reinstall cubase due to some sort of critical issue. Usually that doesn’t solve the issue and I resort to a fresh windows install after getting nowhere on these forums. I forgot my previous forum login details so this is a fresh account, but trust me, I’ve been here every year for awhile now. After a few back-and-forth messages someone always recommends “just reinstall” - and that rarely even works, hence my new user name. I hope you like it. :laughing:

1st post… WELCOME! :wink:

Did it ever work on your Win 10 PC?

I ask because maybe a recent Win 10 update messed things up for you.

Here is the latest Steinberg software compatibility chart for Win 10 versions:

And yes… Cubase 8 uses the apple quicktime program for it’s video engine. The video portion of Cubase was updated/improved in Cubase 9 eliminating the need for quicktime. Win 10 does not even include the quicktime program so your Cubase version will most likely lock at that startup point. But… you can find quicktime to install on Win 10. Just google it.

Lastly, if you don’t use the video portion of Cubase you can disable it by following the steps outlined in various places in this thread.

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It always worked before on win10 for me. So in between working I guess I deleted quicktime. Because yeah, I thought WHY on earth would I want some apple junk on my PC?

I installed quicktime and cubase still won’t load. So I’m guessing it has to be a very specific version of quicktime or the cubase quicktime install includes some specific files that were removed when I did a standard uninstall of quicktime.

Also I tried the removal of video related files and the “fix” in the thread you linked me to. It didn’t solve the issue.

I don’t want to reinstall or update cubase unless I have to. Updating in the past that just causes more issues than it solves. I was hoping I could just bypass the video stuff.

So here at Downloads | Steinberg the Cubase Pro 8 updater updates cubase to the version I already have: 8.0.40.

The Cubase Pro 8.5 installer updates components I’m missing and installs 8.5. However 8.5 will not even launch, this time it doesn’t hang up at the video part, it hangs up at loading vst something or another… I already uninstalled it.

So we’ve tried 2 different versions of cubase which both result in 2 different issues while loading.

Cubase 8.5 hangs up at the eternal “installing” popup during the splash screen.

I have disabled the video dll so it can’t be that.

Magic after dozens of launch attempts…

Cubase starts crashing while loading at the splash screen.

interesting, this is different.

launching intensifies



Now lets see if a project will actually open.

After I render this guys project I will never use Cubase again. Every year this is typical cubase shenanigans. Stuff just stops working and starts working again for no apparent reason. All recommended fixes on the forums never do anything.