Soft Quantize - not working

I cannot get soft quantize to work, nothing happens when adjusting the parameters in the quantize edit-window. The soft quantize button is on.
Is there a preference that needs to be switched on?

I believe you have to hit q for quantize. The Steinberg term is iterative I believe. I have alt+q assigned to hard quantize.

It was actually changed, now, Iterative Quantize = Soft Quantize. But anyway, @Musicmind is correct – you have to hit the quantize command for this, Auto doesn’t work in Soft-Q mode.

Thanks, but what I mean is that is it actually not soft quantizing at all. Now, the part is already hard quantized and I want to randomise the events, maybe this is not the right technique for that?
I have tried the randomisation features in the Midi Modifier, but haven´t gotten my head around it yet. But, maybe this is where to go?

Yes, if the material is fully quantized, soft (iterative) quantizing further isn’t possible.

Midi Modifiers section is one place for this, Also check out the randomizing actions in the Logical Editor.

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