Soft Synth Settings Not Saving?

I created a song using the free soft synth SQ8L. Using the “Brassy” setting, I shortened the release, saved it as a preset, and saved the Cubase song, but when I close and reopen the song, the SQ8L sound will be back to the original setting, and I’ll have to go back into it and reload my previously saved present. Is there something in Cubase I can do to prevent this? (or is this just a crappy free soft synth thing?)

Dang nobody ever did reply to this. Well I’m back now and let the record show I am having a similar problem with Halion Sonic. I have 8 different preset sounds set up in Halion Sonic. I set the mixer levels to their appropriate adjustments. I save it as a preset (using the save thingy at the top of the Halion Sonic window) then when I close down Cubase and restart it, the mixer settings are all screwed up, and I can only get them back by manually loading the preset I just saved. What am I missing here?

(I would post this in the Halion Sonic board too, but for some reason even though I have a registered copy the board won’t allow me.)

I think I figured out how to resolved it. I had to write down all the Halion Sonic SE settings, then remove it from from my VST Instruments without deleted all my previous recorded midi tracks, then reload Halion Sonic SE in a different slot, reload my settings, the go to each midi track and reassign them all the Halion Sonic SE and that seems to be doing the trick.

Do you remember if you used “freeze” on that instrument in the rack at any point?
The reason I ask is because with this confirmed bug,, using Freeze renders the slot in the rack unusable. Just wondering if it is related. Maybe freezing without unloading the instrument is causing some other problems.
Just a thought. See if you can reproduce your problem using the freeze.