Soft Synth Volume Controls not saving in Cubase

The volumes on my soft synths aren’t saving. Right now specifically Sample Tank XL and Halion Sonic SE. I open the program, adjust the volumes for the different instruments, save the song. Shut down cubase then restart the song and all the volumes are back to where they were before I adjusted them. Some one please help.

I know it’s a bit obvious, but you don’t have parameter read and/or write automation activated?

I don’t. Could it be the way I am adding tracks? I had used the “duplicate track” for some of the sounds.

Hmmm - that shouldn’t matter.

It still might be worth clicking on “reveal all automation” just to be sure there isn’t something there.

But otherwise, I’m not much use to you…

Do you have any external hardware synths that might be sending volume changes? Or a dodgy fader on a USB keyboard or controller?

And, it probably won’t help, but what volume control do you mean? Fader level, or volume control in the synth itself?

Could it be program changes in the midi parts, or even volume controller changes?


May my K2000 is mucking it up? I might try having it off next time I test it and see if there is a difference. Otherwise I’ve found freezing my softsynths before closing seems to be keeping my volumes.

(I’ve tried adjusting and saving the fader controls and the soft synth fader controls and neither seem to stay saved) I haven’t done any controller stuff for this song, so I know I’ve avoided even touching those, so I’m pretty sure nothing there if firing)