Soft VST instruments

Steingberg Community,
I just moved one of my scores from Sibelius to Cubase via midi import/export. I assigned all of the correct channels to Halion Sonic using Halion Sonic Symphonic Orchestra instrument set to play the parts. However all of the instruments using Symphonic Orchestra instrument set are very quiet. And the ones that aren’t, are at a normal volume. Help would be much appreciated.
Thank y’all so much

Thankz TrevorG, I tried it just now. And it worked in the Virtual instrument, however when I started playback again the volumes went back to their normal (quiet)… But your idea almost worked!!! :slight_smile:

My apologies if you’ve tried this simple idea but I have found many presets on HSO have the volume controlled by the mod wheel and set at a very low default level. Have to tried adjusting the mod wheel?

I have this exact problem and was about to start a new thread before using the search function. :wink:

Using the mod wheel worked for me, including on playback. As you are recording, use the mod wheel at the very beginning of the midi track so that the modulation gets recorded, and so it’s basically being triggered every time the midi track starts to play back. The reason it probably wasn’t working for you is because while you had the wheel all the way up while performing, the midi of said instrument wasn’t triggering that mod wheel on playback. Writing the modulation to the actual midi track (even for a split second at the very beginning) resolves this issue. :wink:

Yes, using the mod wheel works I discovered, but why should we have to do this for these instruments? It seems a glitch rather than something we should need to do for volume on each use!

You can use MIDI Modifier, or Transformer, which translate MIDI Note Velocity to the value of CC1. Don’t you?

Using this way (Volume by using any MIDI CC) you should get much more expresivity in to your track. True is, it’s not very comfortable and user friendly.

I’m not in front of Cubase right now but can you not simply turn down the ‘Mod Wheel > Volume’ amount?

Or switch the ‘Crescendo control’ off in player options perhaps?