SoftTube does not have a VST3 version?

so I got this voucher to download SoftTube VST plug-in . I downloaded it on my MacBook Pro M3, but it’s not being detected by cubase 13 pro. so I was like ok lets see why, so I looked at the VST and VST3 folders and the only version I see is the VST2 version which obviously does not work with Apple silicon (ARM), so I don’t understand why is Steinberg giving out software, that is not even compatible with their own DAW, are we not moving away from VST2?

It does have a VST3 and it installed just fine on my system along with all the other Softube plugins I own and use almost every day in Cubase 13 and an M2 Pro Mini.

This is a Softube issue, has nothing to do with Cubase or Steinberg if its not installing itself properly on your system.

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What directory is it installed under if I may ask?

It goes in the same place every other VST3 plugin goes on a Mac.


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I am sorry the plugin is called Wasted Space, do you have that as well?