Softube Console 1 full integration with Cubase 9.5 is finally here

LOVE it! I finally have to get a Console 1, then :smiley:

Yep, might have to get one of these too. Does it not require an update to Cubase itself though?

All you have to do is download the latest Console 1 update. Cubase 9.5 already comes with everything needed for it to work.

Cubase 9.5 will be updated very soon, but you don’t have to wait for that.


Thank you for this, Steinberg. This really is a fantastic addition to Cubase. What a workflow enhancement for those of us lucky enough to own a Console 1!

After installing the softube update it worked straight away for me.

I have installed the Softube update (manually, I don’t use Gobbler and I have an Ilok). I am on Cubase 9.5.10 (Windows 7 64 bit). Nothing is happening here. When I add the console 1 plugin to tracks I get a message saying my DAW does not support automatic track naming. Same as it did before the Softube update. Am I the only one having this problem?

Does anyone has any suggestions/links to instructions?

I have an ilok too but chose to go with Gobble for these automatic updates until iLok integrates that fine feature. I do prefer using the iLok to move license quickly though.

It is now working here for me, I downloaded the Gobbler installer (even though it was the same version I already had) and logged out and back in a couple times and then it showed up multiple updates which took a while to run and now it is working. I didn’t have to do anything to Cubase. The track selection update working in conjunction with CC121 is fantastic!

Here a few pictures of the before and after the update. I didn’t take any pictures of the plug-in settings before the update unfortnatly but you will see there are several more options then you had before.’s_Console-1/OldCubase9-5ConsoleOptions.jpg’s_Console-1/OldSettingsNoAutomaticTrackNameUpdateOnlyTransfer.jpg’s_Console-1/UpdateCubase9-5Console1.jpg’s_Console-1/UpdateCubase9-5Console1PluginOptions.jpg

As a side note it is interesting that shift plus the volume changes the volume in the plug-ins instead of the select that it shows underneath it in yellow. That of course make sense but hold shift and never did anything with the yellow select before that I was able to notice or find in the manual. I think select in this case just means to select options when you have a window open to change settings rather than anything to do with shift so choosing yellow was probably the wrong color to use. Same thing goes for the OK and Cancel buttons.

Does Console 1 support work in older Cubase versions (9.0, 8.5, 7.5), too? Could someone please try this?

Are you asking if you open up a 9.5 session with Console 1 back in earlier versions? You could use Console 1 in earlier versions it just won’t have the new features of course unless you are running 9.5. You can open older versions that had Console 1 and they update to the new features unless you turn them off in the plug-in. There is a preference to let you know the features it supports on start up for the Console 1 app.

You have to use VST3

I’m glad to see this finally implemented and the communication between Cubase and the hardware works great. However, I have found an extrange behaviour, if I have some tracks in the project that use the Console 1 plugin, when I enable or disable any track, the track selected should stay on the just enabled/disabled track, but instead it goes to a different random track in the project. It’s very extrange and a probIem when working with big templates. Has anyone tried enabling/disabling tracks with the latest version of Console 1 in the project? And is this also happening to any of you?

So what cubase functions can you control with this controller? Yes, I know it can handle softube plugins, but what else?

I was wondering the same thing at first…but don’t think of it as a Midi Controller for plugins. It’s not some Novation Auto-map thing.
Think of it as a Virtual Console.
(Consoles are those things records used to be made on.)

You put it on every channel and then you have either SSL or Neve Console to mix with. That’s it…and its amazing.
I do my mix now sitting back in my chair without touching the mouse. Sounds gimmicky but its not really…it super fast workflow.
If you want to patch in a Waves or other plugin not supported (or Hardware FX insert in my case)…you goto the computer and use the mouse to patch it in, (almost like patching in for a real console)

(oh and now it supports UAD Apollo plugins which is just a cool bonus. let’s you dial in sounds using your ears and a knob rather mouse)

All this update really brought to the table is Panning, 2 FX Sends and it now directly controls the Cubase fader.

I was fine with the out volume being separate, but the Panning is huge. People underestimate the power of Panning. Sometimes alone it is more powerful than any EQ or Compression.

…I also VERY quickly got over the fact that it doesn’t show the UAD plugin GUI. The way softube incorporated each of the plugins was super thought-out and helpful. I almost prefer it now over seeing the screen which can sometimes provide a bias.

I found that video from softube. If that is all the integration they have with cubase I thing will die laughing on the studio floor.

What exactly is it that you are looking for?
A ‘make Top 40 hit song’ button? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ok admitingly I was expecting a little more myself too. But in practice it is really everything I need at this point)
I have:
-Console 1 for the channel strip/console emulation
-Mackie MCU Pro for motorized Faders, 8 of them
-Moog Minataur for misc MIDI Quick Controls.

The console 1 in my opinion doesn’t feel that great for volume automation and will never beat motorized faders in banks of 8…I guess it would have been nice to use the Console 1 for the Moog Minitaur job…BUT the Midi CC mapping on the Console 1 thing is all wacky and was not working for me.

Wow congrats @Steinberg / @-steve,
Having a low latency Soundcard + a DSP processor + Channel strip Controls + Lengedary plugins + seamlessly integrated in the DAW… it’s a dream come true.

I wish they could thow in some MPC-like pads for the next version, not sure if it would make sense marketing-wise.

What’s the issue with Console1’s Midi CC? Doesn’t it have some kind of “right-clic > learn midi cc” contextual menu?