Softube Console 1 integration + MCU bug?

Hi! Been waiting for the console 1 integration (at least the “follow track selection”. I wanted to try out the new send knobs on the Console 1 and how the Mackie Control (MCU) responded when turning the knobs on the Console 1. The send level froze for a second and then stuttered and fell down to -28 dB and then where totally frozen without any chance to change it on the Console 1, the MCU or even in Cubase by the mouse. Had to quit without saving the project and reopen.
I have now turned off the DAW integration in Console 1 and only use “Follow track” which works like a charm.

Have anyone else with both MCU and Console 1 hardware noticed this behavior?

Im not sure how console 1 operates, but I assume it is using steinberg remote-sdk, and it is not working well with other either. Nektar products and MCU is a mess. However CC121 and MCU does not work well together but is not a mess in the same way. And it is a design limitations on cubase to use multiple remote controllers.