Softube Console-1 integration with Cubase??

Hi there!

Any one of you uses Softube’s Console-1? I do!

And I am a bit jealous that Sonar and Studio One had team up with Softube to make the Console-1 controls their Daw. In Studio One, Console-1 controls the mute, pan, volume, selection of tracks… So you can mix and use the DAW at the same time. No need to close Console-1, open the mixer, select the track you are working on, then reopen Console-1.

I wrote to Softube about it, and the answer was that it depends on DAW’s maker to make it happens.

Any thoughts?

I’m using Console 1 too, and I believe Softube have at least talked to Steinberg asking them to add the stuff needed for the integration, but it will not happen before Cubase 9 i suppose. Please Steiny…it’s up to you now.

If Console 1 uses cc you can assign them to a generic remote I believe.

C1 sends sysex and can’t be used as generic remote
It doesn’t follow channel focus, which IMHO made it completely useless for Cubase
I’ve sold mine with a huge loss after 1 year of hope. UNWORKABLE currently in Cubase as you have to select channels every,dingke time both in C1 and Cubase, which you WILL forget to do, multiple times an hour, only to discover that you have tweaked the wrong channel AGAIN and you need to undo etc etc.
The controller is nice, the plugs ok, but the workflow sucks bigtime.


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    Big FR!!!

I also use the Console 1 and like to see this happen.
But what i don’t understand is that most controllers already have the ability to use those basic functions.

What is so special that Steinberg has to make it happen instead of softube writing a driver we can choose in add hardware controllers?

But I think they will know what they are doing, they both make great Software.

Cubase 9.5 is out, and in a few weeks a free update will be released for it including deep Console 1 integration.