Softube Console 1 issue with volume on a VCA controlled track

Reproduce issue:

Create audio channels, insert Console 1
Add VCA to audio channels
When VCA is 0db, channel faders are controlled correctly by Console 1
When VCA at any other position channel faders jump erratically
nb. Fader movements by mouse or other means (in my case Faderport) behave as intended

My system is Windows 10 Pro x64. Not tested on OSX but I guess its system independent and rather an issue with Console 1 reading volume value when it needs to calculate VCA volume and Track volume.

Confirmed here on Win10 Home

I have a different issue (Windows 10, Cubase Pro 10.0.50)

Add 6 audio tracks with Console 1 on each - no issues, all works as designed

Add those 6 tracks to a VCA - console 1 reports that configs have changed, some features are no longer available. Those 6 tracks no longer respond to track select from console one, and track selection in Cubase is not reflected in Console 1.