Softube Dirty Tape locks up C12

Whenever I use Dirty Tape 3.75 (VST3) on a track after just a bit of working with it, Cubase 12.0.70 locks up, during playback. Interestingly the audio continues to play but I completely loose control of the UI, cannot stop play, mouse does nothing. Only way to get out is to End Task.

Had a similar problem with Transient Shaper, previously reported. This is a serious issue, and so far only these Softube products do this.

Anyone else seen this issue?

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Jup, dirty tape even lands in my plugin blacklist sometimes. Removed it and never looked back.

There are no problems whatsoever with any Softube plugin here on Windows. Which OS are you using? As a Windows user I suggest upgrading your graphics driver and plugin . then Click the cogwheel in the upper-right corner of the plug-in window to access the settings. then Scroll down and untick the box next to “Use OpenGL graphics”. I think this might be a problem on MAC too.

You may be right. OpenGL is enabled in my instance. Just opening the Softube logo to get to the Copy System Info locked up again. Can’t even close the dialog box. I will try disabling OpenGL.

Updated by AMD Radeon Pro software, rebooted, and turned off OpenGL in the Softube system setting, so far seems to have fixed the problem.