Softube Heartbeat Multi-Out (please confirm)

Can someone plz confirm they have run Softtube’s Heartbeat with Multiple Outs in Cubase 9?

Ive scoured literature and videos, and it should be as simple as opening Instrument Rack and activating the outs.
The outputs arrow icon is greyed out in my case, and I don’t have a seperate “Heartbeat Multi-Out” VST in my instruments choices as happens in other DAWs (ie - Ableton)
When I use the Right window on the project page (VSTS/Mediabay) there is an option “Activate Outputs” but the only one available under ALL OUTPUTS is “Heartbeat 01 - (Stereo) [main]”

This is a simple process, and I do not understand why I cannot get it to work.
(I’ve never had this issue with other instruments)
Thank you

Yep…demo has multi outs. Selecting them from the inspector in C9 here.

Sorry I meant it “as is the case in other DAWs” regarding videos watched on Youtube.
There was also this one:
(0:28 - adds audio tracks and easily routes HB to them)

note I’m not familiar with Ableton, I just included this info thinking it might help.

Check the blacklist, all good there.

Have you used HB Grim? Had any issues like this with it?

DAMN :confused:
So what is going on with mine? It’s full version too!

Utterly Bewildered by this one. Truly.
Since updating to Artist 9.0.40 I’ve had 2 issues (this one, and a logical presets issue you (as well as planarchist) helped me solve just a couple days ago Grim…this after months of smooth sailing. Though I cant be sure that this particular one is related at all.)
Stumped man.
Here’s a quick shot with the greyed out “outputs” section in the instrument rack…

oops…sorry editing my previous post while you were responding has confused the thread a bit.

I can’t see anything obviously wrong in your setup…or think why the outs in yours are not available…have you tried both VST3 and VST2?
And just in case you haven’t thought of it, test in a new empty project to rule out something you’ve done in that project.

And yes, I do also have only the one plug visible in Cubase (well VST2 and VST3 versions of it)

are you definitely using the VST3 and the latest build? I do know that with the VST3 and latest softube installer, it works every time here, the extra outputs are always accessible.

Yeah tried all that, not sure whats going on, but too busy to sink my teeth into a full troubleshoot.
Had to employ the work around of muting elements to single out one instrument at a time,
render down with this method one by one until my beat was audio files and processed from there as usual.
A little extra annoyance, but really not so bad. :wink:

very very strange indeed… softube have excellent CS so i think the next step, when you have some time of course, is to contact them.

If all your other multi output instruments work, then it’s gotta be a bug in heartbeat that only shows itself in various scenarios.

TMN fully agree with you, and will do in near future.
I still got nothing but love for Softube, I’m yet to try a plugin by them that I don’t enjoy and employ.

Have you tried it in the rack rather than the track section?