Softube, Kush and few other plugins still don't work after the update (Windows 10)

The title says it all.
I frequently use CL 1B and Clariphonic. Both are crashing immediately as all other Softube plugins and a couple of other Kush plugins.
Auto-tune v.8.1 too. All plugins are up to date, I’ve tried reinstalling but with no luck.

The trick with Soundtoys Microshift by putting it on the Control Room and bypassing it works, but still…it’d be nice if Steinberg could fix this issue.

!!! Wow! It works!! Thanks so much! I put Soundtoys Little Microshift and it works!

Edit: Sorry for my insane reaction:)

Haha no problem! I found it here on the forum.
I’ve saved it as a default setting so I don’t have to worry about it anymore.
Looking forward for the fix though.