Softube's Console 1 not working in Nuendo 11

Does anyone know why Console 1 VST3 plugin has full track control in Cubase but the same VST3 plugin in Nuendo is limited to number and name track (as like as Logic)?..

Did you try it, or are you going by their list?

In Nuendo 10 Console1 worked as same as Cubase. With last Nuendo update to 11, pan, sends, faders were lost. I hope either softube or Steinberg fix it because is an interesting control surface

I don’t have that device to test, but I edited this topic title to make it more specific and get more exposure to your issue.

Also maybe check with Softube to see if they have gotten reports of this.

I use Nuendo 11.30 and it works as it should with console one. Both Daw and Plugins are updated to latest version. Might be an issue specific with your system. I’m on the latest Windows 10 build. Maybe it’s a issue if you updated your OS to Big Sur on Mac.

:flushed: Can you control volume fader, pan and sends of the channel strip ? These features were available in Nuendo 10. I review recently Softube web and console 1 sadly doesn’t support full channel control in Nu11. I agree that hardware unit can correctly control propietary plugins, but we have lost control surface of Nu.

Yes, everything works perfectly. I use it everyday. I looked at Softube’s support site and it doesn’t mention Nuendo 11, just Cubase which is basically the same. I did see Pro tools 11 is like Logic in support. Maybe that’s what you saw?

OnBeat Thank you for your answer. If Console 1 works nice for you it is quite clear that my settings needs to be reviewed.

it works for me

Hi, did you ever resolve your problem? Have just purchased a fader 1 and with plugins inserted on channels I have nothing? Beginning to panic that it’s not compatible with Nuendo??

Looks like it is working for the members who posted before you in this topic.

Hi Nickgates100
Sincerely, I didn’t know what happened . After reading the answers posted I have reinstalled all my plugins (console 1 included) and check only latest VST3 versions. The result was …. Bang !! console1 now works in Nuendo as same as in Cubase (full control on pan, volume, send…. )

In case anyone else has an issue, my problem was annoyingly simple! I’m in the UK and I hadn’t used the UK converter supplied (by Thomann) and it was running at the wrong voltage! I guess that’s what happens when you’re just too excited about new kit!!

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I hear that!