Software addition to Cubase LE

Just installed the M-Audio M-track 2x2m interface that came with Cubase LE, Creative FX and a couple other softwares to my laptop. Got all of the drivers and everything installed, but having trouble figuring out where to go from here. When I installed the software, I made separate folders for each of them, but do they need to go to a certain directory? Having trouble figuring out how to use these software add ons with Cubase directly. Any help would be appreciated.

-Thank you!

Hey Mikey89, I see a post #1… so welcome :wink:

The software(s) you installed are probably VST effects and instruments. For these to work, the programs need to have their .dll file placed into a folder that Cubase scans for. So you can just move the.dll file(s) to a folder that Cubase scans or you can add the folder path where the .dll(s) are currently installed to the VST2 folder paths in the menu I mention below. Typically users install them into a folder of their choice and add that folder to what Cubase scans for.

The area where you can check for and add folders is in the Cubase>Devices>Plug-in Manager menu. The procedure is not hard but it would take a lot of typing to explain it. So look at your Cubase Operation Manual and search for “Plug in manager” for how to do it and to get a better understanding for how Cubase works.

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