software audio monitoring on heavy projects without latency

Please help me, I’m trying to figure out how to monitor audio inputs with insert and send effects on heavy projects (lots of heavy cpu plugins and buffer is 1024 or 2048) without latency.

Well… The buffer size IS the latency, so the main thing you can do is lower the buffer size. If you start getting drop-outs, crackles, etc., then the PC simply can’t handle the processing load. Many options from there such as temporarily disabling plugins, virtual instruments, effects, etc., that aren’t needed during the monitoring/recording process. You could try direct monitoring if your interface supports it but, of course, you lose insert effects unless the hardware provides it.
Not sure how much experience you have with Digital Recording but you are asking the $1 Million question. It is all about how to get the machine to process more audio sounds, instruments, and effects, in an amount of time that doesn’t produce too much of a delay.

Just turn on asio guard. That allows you to run with a high buffer size, but low latency on the monitored track. Turn on constrain delay compensation to lower your cpu load and latency further if you don’t need latent plugins while recording.

I got presonus quantum thunderbolt audio interface that doesn’t support hardware or direct monitoring.

My PC: windows 10 x64. Cubase 10 x64. overclocked i7-8700k cpu. 32GB ram. 2x 2TB m.2 nvme ssd drives

Ok. But that’s not relevant to your question. You’re asking about monitoring through plugins. Monitoring directly from your audio interface won’t accomplish that. For the answer to your question, see the answer I provided above.

I was asking about monitoring thru plugins because I thought with the interface like presonus quantum that doesn’t have hardware dsp for input monitoring with reverb nor direct monitoring, the only way was to monitor thru the record-enabled track.

Ok I narrowed down my “needs” of the monitoring setup,
at this point all I care about is 2 things:

  1. ability to constantly hear all input channels (no matter if audio tracks using those inputs are being played back, recording or stopped).
  2. Have reverb sends (But record dry signa of course ) on the inputs

since audio interface like my presonus quantum doesn’t have onboard dsp nor direct monitoring utility.