Software can be re-sold...!

This is huge:

It will have a very big effect on those developers who have always denied re-sale. Whether or not they will co-operate is another story though. :wink:


It’s another example of senseless meddling by what was originally supposed to be a trading alliance, nit it’s own political entity.
You do not buy software - you by a license to use it that is often non-transferrable, and you AGREE to these conditions when you install it. You already have the perfect right to refuse this and get a refund.

I sort of agree, but it seems to me that the developer has all the cards ATM. Can you return software because it doesn’t work properly? No. Is a developer obliged to fix buggy software? No. These are the two big issues for me, so I am all for developers learning that just because they say something in an EULA, doesn’t make it legal.


Good for the EU but it will never fly here in North America. We will continue to be subjected to the current school of “you bought it, you own it”. But then again - there are numerous vendors out there now that have no issues with license transfer so I do not see any issues with the way things are.

And I only purchase major, well tested, well accepted software anyway. It’s not like any of my stuff will suddenly be problematic to point of needing to return it. I can always get the latest scoop from the NET on all my apps etc.


That’s true. Most of my problems are with sample libraries, and those wouldn’t be covered by this ruling anyway.