Software For Tutorials


We’ve all seen those tutorials where, the presenter zooms in to a particular area on the particular application, not of the screen.

For example, this:-

What is the software that allows us to do that? In this time, where on-line instruction is becoming more prevalent, this will become more pertinent.

Thank you!

Screen Capture Software

Can you cite examples, please?


Screen flow

Time to watch Youtube videos there

I will explore them.

Thanx, gain!

I would also direct email anyone that is making a tutorial you like and ask them as well.

slaps head

Somehow, I thought that would be indelicate. I don’t know. :blush:

This can be confusing. :wink:

I’ve been poking around, and came upon these two:-

… and …

Evidently, the term, “Callout” means different things to different people.


ScreenFlow is it!


Thanx, again!