Software included with Steinberg hardware

Not sure if this is the appropriate category to post but here goes:

I’ve been using Steinberg products for years beginning in the mid-1980’s when it was called Pro24 (for MIDI only).

Is there anyway I could obtain Cubase AI as a download for educational purposes? Not a teacher per se however I will be tutoring someone online and it would be beneficial if we both had the exact same software. I currently use Cubase Artist 10.5.

Thank You in advance for any and all replies.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

This is a user forum. I would recommend to ask your local Steinberg dealer for the sponsoring.

Martin.Jirsak: Didn’t quite understand your reply. I am a user, currently using C.B. Artist 10.5 on the PC.

Don’t understand your second sentence.


Sorry, there was a typo. I corrected it.

Well, I am a user. As stated in my profile, been using Steinberg software since the mid 1980’s. Now using C.B. Artist 10.5

So, what you are suggesting is to contact the dealer from whom I originally purchased C.B. Artist?

I will attempt that, however I will come back to ask an additional question.

Thank You

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You don’t mention which version of Cubase AI you are in search of. AI 10.5 is available through the Steinberg Download Assistant. It should (I think) run off of your Artist 10.5 license.


Yes, you are right.

Much confusion here, and unfortunately it’s my fault. Sorry.

I was asking this question because an out-of-state friend of mine recently purchased a Steinberg UR22C interface and I’m hoping to help her use the free software. She is the one that will be downloading it, not me. (No idea what version she’ll be getting) She does not have a “My Steinberg” account yet, nor does she own and use any Cubase software. Unfortunately she is having trouble obtaining the software.

I am the one (not her) that uses C.B. Artist 10.5


There is Cubase AI bundled with UR22 and you (or anyone) always gets the latest version, I.e. Cubase AI 12 at this moment available.

I appreciate your reply.