software monitoring issue

Hey guys,

The other day I unticked the “direct monitoring” option within nuendo so I could monitor some vocals with vst reverb during a vocal recording, I use a RME hammerfall 9652 card.

Am I correct in saying that you HAVE to untick “direct monitoring” which means you are now software monitoring to achieve this?

My issue is, as soon as im software monitoring I am getting a phasing, doubling type effect. I can reduce it by changing the latency samples but even at a fast setting (3ms or less) I can still hear it.

I did a test recording and it records fine, nice and solid and dead centre, so its only when I am monitoring the signal which is very distracting for the artist.

Anyone got any suggestions?

That’s the nature of the beast.
Latency can not be avoided, unless the routing is done in hardware.
If you can go down to 64 or 32 buffers (1,5ms or 0,7ms), the artist will never notice it.
128 is indeed not enough …