software not registered disappeared from 'my steinberg'


I purchased Cubase 9.5 artist a while back. And was all normal and working fine. Then my elicenser dongle. Snapped and broke. So i bought a new one and registered everything. And still was all working fine. Except when i clicked to open Cubase a message popped up saying “open cubase pro or cubase artist”
So i wud always open cubase artist.
Now when i go to open cubase. Only cubase pro attempts to open before sayin “trial is over” then goes off. No option to open cubase artist at all.
When i go onto ‘my steinberg’ my license for elicenser and soft elicenser are registered but no software is there at all.
Any ideas? I dont have my activation code for my online download of cubase 9.5artist anymore.
Thanks if anybody can help

Simply buying a new USB elicenser doesn´t work. The license is /was? on the broken USB elicenser, and must be transferred from that one to the new one. If that wasn´t possible anymore before it broke, you should contact steinberg support.