Solar Storm - any DAW worries?

Should be good for your business either way :slight_smile:

Steve Fogal

I once had a brown out that fried my OS hard drive

I wouldn’t be without my Uninterruptible Power Supply - it cleans up the mains as well, no more brown-outs. This is a precaution I’ve taken since my scsi days, a power cut happened while I was doing a back-up. I never did recover the drives and the back-up was unuseable. :cry: A hard lesson learned!

You’re expecting power failures because of bloody solar storms? OMG! What kind of third world country is this US of A? :unamused:
Edit: Before anyone takes my comment as an offend against his/her country, I’ll have to add another smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Um, solar storms could affect “first world” countries more than the “third world” countries.
Try a MASSIVE voltage spike due to induction from the kickback of the magnetosphere (the same thing that causes the auroras).
This year (2012) is a solar maximum (solar activity operates on an 11-year cycle). Scientists say that this is going to be a high maximum as well (in terms of events and severity).

But still, we’ve gone through solar maximums before and only had minor inconveniences (mainly communication interruptions) but no large-scale blackouts.

Nonetheless, I still want to call into my surrounding radio stations and have them play “It’s the end of the world as we know it” on that specific day in December… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

It could cause spontaneous creativitiy… WTF… :laughing:

One way to combat the power surge in the HT distribution network is to actually switch all the power distribution on, everything that’s available. Any redundant or down for maintenance systems. That way you can spread the extra load across the entire system rather than trying to shut systems down and creating bottlenecks. Counter intuitive!!!

The main power surge usually occurs when the stretched magnetic field of the earth snaps back, some hours after the arrival of the CME.

Obviously you missed all my smileys. Come on. My country is definitely a “first world” country, but we are not afraid of solar storms, because we are up here around arctic circle and our power network is designed to handle these “MASSIVE” (in our standard, quite minor) spikes caused by solar storms, because it’s something we experience all the time. Just like we laugh every time we receive news reports on snowfall creating problems around the world (closed airports, traffic jams etc …) which we don’t have, just because we are prepared to them.

But seriously: Why do any even semi-serious studio in US of A need power-condition hardware … while in my country if you lived in a cottage in the middle of the woods you don’t need one … or if you do, you would immediately raise a complaintment against the power company. And her’s more smileys so people in the US of A don’t take this too seriously :stuck_out_tongue: :smiling_imp: :smiley:

I only connect my PC and one LCD monitor to my UPS. The monitor gives me the means to shut the system down properly and give me a little light so I can find a torch or a candle :laughing:

It’s big thunder storms the make me run around switching things off.

I did. :smiley:

Same here. :laughing:

Coronal mass ejection :open_mouth:

In the old forum we could see where other members were based. Just me being nosey. BTW I live in the North East of England. Mostly cool but the beer isn’t as good as in the South! :sunglasses:

Sounds like something from Astroboy.

How do you protect against it?

I have an inline surge protector but what about at the meterbox for specific circuits? Is it the same as a circuit breaker, in that is there a product that covers both?


How do you protect against it?

What you have to do is get some aluminium foil and make yourself a little pointy hat. You’ll be safe then. :unamused:

Surge protection is one problem, another is the “brown out” but as thermionic stated he has that covered.

Lucky I don’t live in a country where the electricity grid can be manipulated by corporate interests in the way that internet time can be sold to the highest bidder.

A good surge protector would help if you live in a place that gets lots of lightning.

I’ve had my computer reboot and some hardware display hieroglyphics after a close strike, I can only assume the induced currents caused the crashes as the power seemed fine and I was running an online UPS. Ever since then, when a storm gets close I get a bit edgy and if it looks like its going to pass overhead I’ll unplug everything :laughing:

Then go and watch it :mrgreen:

I’m unplugged when the gear is not being used… always. During a storm, I play it by ear…

Flatulence of the Sun… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Just to say, me and my girlfriend have been having a lot strange phone activity with our mobiles. We reckon it could be this solar storm. Nothing major though. Im right in the middle of something so i hope it wont affect my DAW at all.

Get a room! :unamused: