Solar Storm - any DAW worries?

What fantastic song titles!

I think that “Coronal Mass Ejection” is more of a band name.

But, just think of the album:

Coronal Mass Ejection: Flatulence of the Sun
sitting next to:
Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

A match made in (the) heaven(s)? :laughing: Definitely 70’s prog either way!

Aloha guys,

Just to report from this side of the planet. All is well here so far.

Where we live here on Maui is about 4000 ft up and power outages
are not uncommon at the best of times.

UPS gear is quite necessary up here but not so much for power conditioning.
(dirty lines) It’s mainly just to shut down properly when things go south.

Now I am off to ‘Little Beach’ (nude) to record some more ocean sounds.
Hope the laptops works properly.

I can never get enough nude beach ocean sounds.
Wonder why? :slight_smile:



Wonder why? > :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s because you’re a dirty old sod. Like me! :sunglasses:

I think the forum is b com ng a fec ed by th sol fl

Thx guys this thread is absolutely hillariously funny :mrgreen:

Well with the magnetosphere, the Earth does break the solar wind… :laughing:

Being in the UK no worries. That is what Stonehenge is built for. It’s a particle decelerator. :mrgreen:

And all that British lard will absorb the rest! :laughing:

lol, bullseye :laughing:

The sunspot responsible for that last one just popped off another bubble due to arrive on the 11th, smaller than the last one.

Here we go again!

Same here. I’m in Illinois and my lady is in Cali and the phones are acting quite weird – dropouts, a weird metallic ringing, and weirdest, where one of us can hear the other saying “hello, hello?”

One day the big one will arrive, then we’ll see :open_mouth:

Im in South East of England. Pretty rural area to but we covered in phone masts. Never had problems before which is why we came to the strange kinda conclusion of this solar storm. Some people seem pretty worried about it.

I can just see it now, one day the end of world will be going on and we’ll all be trying to get through to complain about our phones not workings whilst turning off monitors, disconnecting pcs n keyboards trying to desperately save our DAWs. Its important to have priorities in an emergency situation.


There’s another one coming behind that too, from the same spot, around about the 12th :stuck_out_tongue:

…that’s given me an idea for my next CD cover :sunglasses: