Solar wind

A song about leaving Earth…might happen one day…who knows?
if you take a listen I thank you.

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That was really nice. I thought the buildup worked perfectly. Great mix too.

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Nice track. It reminded me in some ways of a song from about 30 years ago by Yes called The More We Live. Very similar feel, moreso than melody or chord progression. This was well recorded and performed. With my Yes reference, this does strike me as something of a Prog track, and I haven’t heard that in the previous track of yours that I’ve heard.

Really good :+1:

Thanks for the listen guys,
question, when does a song become …prog? I have no idea…

Very nice song. Everything is very well done.

Prog is… well… when there is a harmonic development. You should have developed your chord structure (which is very open to development) and taken the listener somewhere else.

I guess I’d say that Prog is when a rock song moves in a direction that comes a little bit out of experimentation with the normal rock or pop form. It also might relate to the types of themes or subjects that are addressed in the lyrics. For me personally, it relates to music once produced in the 70’s by many bands, most famously at that time it was Yes, King Crimson, Genesis, Gentle Giant. Some people would say it came out of the psychedelic music of the late 60’s and albums like the Beatles Sgt. Pepper, or things then by the Moody Blues or Procol Harum. Prog kept going after those times, but those would be its roots and some good examples.

I don’t know what category this one falls into, but I really admire the way you’ve built it up, including a lot of little touches, to make it more and more interesting. I do love Prog Rock like Yes, but I don’t think this is in that genre. You stayed in the same four chord sequence throughout. What would you say, is this a rock ballad? You are so polished nowadays. Salute to you, Kevin. Love the pictures, too.

Thanks for the info on what a prog song is guys…learning all the time.

Try that loud: The boys in the band, by Gentle Giant (Octopus Album, 1972).

Prog on steroids.

Gave it a listen, I am now fully aware of what prog rock is…cheers mate.

Enchanting song!

Nice voice, like the build up too, the strings / synth are very 70ties , would prefer a better synth pad there and substitute some chords there to keep it interesting. Mix is fine.