Solo album from MaB


I want to share a project I’ve done last year. I’ve done everything and that was the goal: to see what I could do all by myself. Feel free to comment!

All has been done with Cubase, with tools from 3rd party developers.

Hey, I listened to your 1st track, really good there, tabarnac!

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Thanks a lot Koffin! Hope you’ll enjoy the rest :slight_smile:

I don’t know how I missed this. I try to check in from time to time to see what people are doing. Thanks to Koffin for noticing it! I loved the first track, and the second is even better! Did you play the drums too, or use a VST? Singing is great. Well, a lot is great. Nicely done.

Now I’m listening to Reve Noir. Fantastic.

Well done! How did I miss this?

Thanks Early21 for the kind words !

I’m a drummer but didn’t have the place, time and ressources to record my drum, so the drums are a mix of different VSTi’s, sometimes played on a keyboard, sometimes on a Atom drum pad. At some point, I rent a Roland SPD SX controller to fine tune some parts. The guitars and the bass are real, but the rest is all VSTi’s.