Solo and "Edit active part only" behaviour

There used to be a time when I was able to activate the “Edit active part only” function in the MIDI Editor and when soloed only listen to the active voice. This behavior seems to have disappeared with later Cubase version - at least I cannot find any option that would allow me to get this functionality back.

Now, all activated voices play regardless of the solo setting, except that obviously all other instruments in the arrangement are muted. Thats sweet, but I would love to have an option that would allow me to solo also on the particular voice when needed.

Am I missing anything? Are there any known workarounds for this? :confused:

When I do some extensive string part it was a really handy feature.


This is part of the “Multiple Part Controls”. If you can’t see these controls, right-click to the toolbar and enable it, please.

Not really, unless there is some trick to it.

The Multiple Part Option only locks editing for any other voice currently not activated within a multiple voice part.

The solo function will solo ALL selected voices regardless of the Multiple Part Option state.

There seems to be no option to isolate only the selected voice for playback. What I was looking for was a way to play back and edit only the active voice. When active, all other voices within the selected multi-part should be muted :worried:

I have the same issue on Cubase 11. I am not aware if this feature was present before but at the moment selecting 2 MIDI events together and having “Edit Active Part Only” allows just to Edit the notes and not to listen in Solo mode to the currently active part,

Hi, two years later I am wondering if it is now possible to isolate only the selected voice for playback and have the other muted?