Solo and Mute a Channel Simultaneously

Is it possible to solo and mute a channel at the same time? I will often do this as a quick check on a console or in other DAW’s to make sure that is the only channel I am listening to when I solo it and that there is no other track linked/grouped or listen enabled. I have just been pulling down the fader on the track after I solo it but that is not nearly as quick and helpful as solo and also muting. A workaround is to click on the input monitor button.

You can’t solo and mute a channel simultaneously. If you want to be sure that you’re only soloing a single channel, you can always click the Solo Defeat button first and then solo the channel that you want to hear.

Thanks for confirming this. I actually run that command for Edit: Deactivate Solo States for everything first, but like you mentioned something may be on solo defeat, or a number of other things could be also coming through the speakers for whatever reason. So soloing and then quickly muting the channel has been a really fast way to make sure I am not listening to anything else if it goes silent. I am okay with solo and then input monitor since it works for me most of the time, it is just a break in habit over the years since that is the quickest way I have found to accomplish this across the board. Happy New Year!