solo and mute buttons gone from play mode?

Firstly, love the new update. Super excited to get fully into it and explore things more deeply.

One small issue though. Unless I’m missing something, the solo and mute buttons have been removed from the individual instruments in the play tab, which means the only way to access them is from the mixer. I have a pretty beefy computer, but even still, the mixer is laggy and doesn’t respond to input (like scrolling through it, or changing volume sliders, or whatever) very cleanly or snappily, and it makes the rest of the program lag for me, so I’m not a huge fan of opening it up unless I absolutely have to. That being the case, the removal of the solo/mute buttons from the play tab is not exactly what I’d consider a welcome change (though, clearly since it happened, I realize there must have been a deliberate reason for it, which I totally appreciate).

What I’m wondering is have those indeed been fully removed, or is there perhaps a toggle option somewhere to have those show (or is that just wishful thinking?)? If not, any chance the team would consider creating such an option at some point down the road? (In my book, multiple ways to accomplish a single task is always better than one way) :smiley:

The reason for it being removed is that it didn’t work preoperly… The controls are still there in our UI resources but I hid them as it was misleading to have non-functional controls. Apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime, but I hope we’ll be able to re-enable them soon.

Do you know that there are a couple of new functions I added in 1.2.10 which could be useful for you? ‘Solo selected instruments’ can be used from Write Mode - just select some notes across a few instruments, hit Alt-S and they’ll be solo-ed in the mixer. There’s a couple of other key commands to reset all solo and mute states. See the Play menu (though they’ll work in any mode)

Oh, that’s fantastic, I didn’t know about those! Both points in your response are a good deal more than I was hoping for, so not really much of an inconvenience :wink: Thanks!