Solo and mute issue with cc121

Solo and mute buttons are not behaving the same as a mouse click.

  1. Select solo midi track 1 with cc121.
  2. Select solo again with cc121 to release solo on midi track 1, however the entire project is still muted.

If I do the same with a mouse, then step 2 unmutes entire project as expected.


Where is the MIDI Track routed to? Is it really a MIDI Track or an Instrument track?

The behaviour is different between the Instrument track (Solo/Mute in the Project window) and CC121. The reason is, by CC121, you control Solo/Mute of MixConsole, which is different from Solo/Mite of Project window. In the Project window, you Solo/Mite the source MIDI track. In the MixConsole, you Solo/Mite the Return (audio) Channel.

Thanks, It’s a midi track with rack vst , not instrument , for some reason it’s working as expected now, no idea on earth why