Solo and other keys don't work when channel editor is open

How can I have atleast solo key work when I have channel editor open ?

When I have channel editor open only play/stop/wind/enter keys work


What do you mean by “Solo key”, please? Do you mean KeyCommand or are you using MIDI triggering, or…?

The S key on qwerty keyboard which is a key command for solo.

the same problem here, when channel editor is open shrotcuts “s”, “m” and “l” doesnt work… really annoying

Try this: with the channel editor open, tap the tab key to focus the fader section. Now try the keystrokes for solo, mute, listen.

I believe the fix to this for me was:
right click on the channel editor window and select “Always on Top”. I had this problem
before and activating it fixed the solo, mute issue.

Yes, that’s a good workaround. But I’d call this a bug, since there’s no logic to the keystrokes working or not depending on the a.w.t. pref.

I guess I never saw it as a bug since I work with the channel editor always on top :smiley:
Definetely something Steinberg should fix in the next update/version.