solo any audio track also solos vst instruments


I am working on a project with some audio tracks and 4 vst instruments. When I record automation on the vst instruments ( just muting) and put the channel in Read mode, those tracks vst tracks in Read always solo when I solo any of the audio tracks. What have I setup wrong and how can I fix it? It is really annoying.

This is the first time I have tried the VST instruments. I have only worked with live audio tracks before.



Do you use Group Channels? Is the out of the Instrument track routed to the same Group as the Audio track?

This is just the straight vst instrument. It is not in a group. it’s weird , I take it out of read automation and it no longer solos.


I can see some Channels are linked.

The retrologue is one of the ones with the solo issue, it is not linked or in a group and was soloed when I soloed the flugal. If I unsolo the flugal the retrologue will stay soloed and I have to unsolo it also. The Groove agent is linked to a VCA and is not soloed because I don’t have the read automation on.


Sorry, I’m lost now. The original report is about an Automation and Mute, now you are talking about Solo…

Nope, it was always about a solo issue. It’s confusing. My fix was to convert the vst tracks to audio.