Solo Bug Cubase 12.0.4 Pro


I’ve previously had no issues with Solo function (i.e., solo’ing a track ensured only the audio on this track was heard). I just reopened a track after some Windows updates and Solo is now allowing audio from one other track to be heard along with the Solo’d track. I can’t see any routing issues, and nothing had changed (no editing) since the previous load of the track.

Any ideas gratefully received.



My set-up:
Cubase Pro 12.0.4
Apollo Twin X
Win 10 Home
64 G Ram

Can you upload a screenshot/GIF/Video of the issue and steps to reproduce?

Hi Tj99,

When Solo is active on a single track, playback will include the audio of the selected track and audio from another muted track. The unwanted audio from the muted track is always the same (a particular vocal track).

Can’t see any shared Fx/routing etc. And the issue is intermittent.



I have to ask: are you check if the Solo Defeat is off?

You said that the issue is intermittent, so maybe you had already exclude that.

Checked, and it is off. Thank you.

Issue resolved → a new plugin (Melodyne) with some routing I am not familiar with was causing the problem.

Thanks guys.