solo button bug ?


for years now i have this bug sometime. 7.0.30 and it’s still there.

there’s a VSTi on a track that is not playing any sound. no metter activity although i’m sure there’s a sound coming out of the plug (in the current session reaktor)
if i activate solo on the track suddenly the sound is here, lound and clear metter activity is ok.
there’s no automation, no send to muted group.
if i remove the solo the sound is off again (mute is off also) if i ALT+clic the solo button on off then all comes back to normal. the track doesn’t need to bee solo to pass the sound … for some time. after a while the bug is back.

i can’t reproduce it sistematicaly but i had it on mayn sessions maybe since nuendo6 so i’m just adking did you guys had this before ?

I am experiencing weird solo-button-behaviour too sometimes:

In one particular (educational) project on which I’ve used the “Save New version”-key command a lot I’ve got the following issue:
When solo’ing a “random” track and locating to some t.c.-location after that, there’s alway 2 dialogue-tracks which got soloed as well even I didn’t touch the solo-buttons after locating…
Even after restarting Nuendo this issue remains.

It’s only a small issue but quite a bit annoying…
Niek/ Amsterdam

Yep, had this before as well. I think once a project is corrupted I’m stuck with that issue. The only way to get around it is to delete the group (in my case) and re-route audio.

I posted a thread about it here.

We should probably check if this still happens in “purely” new projects and with recreated tracks, or if it’s just in cases of older projects. If this persists we should probably create a new topic and mark it [ISSUE]…

I’ll try your workaround and I’ll keep an eye on it…

If I think it’s too annoying while working I just take those two “unintentionally solo’ed tracks” out of reading automation. That works for me.

I’ve seen this issue exactly as sgodzillat explained with VSTi (haven’t had it happen any other way). I’ve not found any reason this happens nor is it easily reproduced which would make it difficult to resolve.

Same issue here, seems that the “mute pre send when muted” doesent change something in version 8.0.30…