Solo button seems to be grouped

Hi. I’m using cubase artist 13 and suddenly I’m having issues with the solo button. It seems to have grouped itself to other tracks so when I press solo on 1 track it automatically solos 7 tracks. I don’t want this setting so please advise me on how to turn it off. Thanks.

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Hey hopefully this info helps: Using Solo and Mute

If you have any linked or grouped tracks keep in mind this will also effect how things are soloed

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I confirm the strange behaviour of the SOLO buttons. Sometimes they also randomly change to Defeat mode without me pressing the ALT/OPT key. This problem manifests itself very randomly, mostly when I needed to switch to SOLO Exclusive mode.

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Hi Ontrei. Thanks, but this doesn’t explain why the solo buttons are grouping together. Basically, I have 25 tracks in my project, some of them I’m able to just listen to on their own, but then I’ll try and solo the kick drum, for example, and it’ll automatically solo 5 other tracks as well, and I’m unable to turn them off individually so I have to press the “S” on the toolbar to turn them all off…

Try pressing cmd whilst clicking solo and that may help solo exclusive

Roman, it’s pretty annoying isn’t it. I performed an audio mix down earlier and the track automatically grouped itself to the other solo group that I didn’t ask for in the first place, so I can’t listen to it without listening to 5 other random tracks.

In my case, this error appeared quite randomly in some projects. Some days it is without problems. Sometimes there is more. I have never had this problem with Cubase 12.

Nah, I tried clicking off one of the grouped solo buttons with either the ctrl, alt or shift keys but nothing happens.

Stupid cubase 13! :sob:

How can thousands of people pay for something this bad

What a well thought out competent code

I general the way the solo/mute section works is a huge mess that constantly glitches. in 13.0.2 at least

Yeah, it’s pretty poopies isn’t it. I’ve found myself getting frustrated with a number of things tbh. I wonder if this solo glitch is good grounds for a refund so I can get Ableton instead. I’ve never used it before but it seems like a popular choice for producers on YouTube.

Omg, hahaha, I used the word $h1T and it autocorrected it to “poopies” :joy::joy: wtf

What if I told you…I came to cubase from Ableton…and im not going back.
Cubase has a steeper learning curve no doubt though.

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