Solo buttons

Since I’ve upgraded to Cubase 9, whenever I solo a track it no longer automatically solos the group channel it’s routed through, so in order to be able to listen I need to manually solo the group channel after I’ve solo’d the channel I want to listen to. This is a pain when I’m wanting to quickly switch between 2 tracks to reference. I never had this problem with Cubase 7 or 8. Does anyone know if there’s a setting I can change to fix this?


I would say something is messed up with your preferences. Could you try in Safe Start Mode, please?

Thanks for the tip. This didn’t work, however I have found a fix…

If I mute all channels but unmute the group channel they’re linked to before I solo the track I want to hear by itself, the group channel stays unmuted so the track I solo can be heard.

It’s still strange it doesn’t automatically unmute the group channel as this used to work when I was using Cubase 7 and 8, but at least I’ve found a work-around.

No problem here… Sorry to ask but gotta check: did you apply the .30 update?

Yes I did mate

I was sure you had but you gotta ask these things :slight_smile: Soloing’s had it’s bugs, especially when automation’s involved. Is there any here? On channel or group, even if it’s bypassed or you’ve turned Read off…

The solo’s can get messed up if you use folders - this has always been an issue.

Example, a group track for drums, with tracks for snare, kick, toms etc in a folder. It is very easy for the solo / mute to get messed up if you use them on the group, on the individual tracks and on the folder track itself.

After a while the logic gets screwed up and the only way you can fix it is to use the global solo / mutes on the top of the arrange page to reset everything.

It’s worth trying these to see if they fix it…for now!