Solo Defeat does not work

I recently bought Cubase 11 and found out that the SOLO DEFEAT button of the Audio track I’m using to hear my MIDI track does not work because the MASTER audio also gets muted when I solo the MIDI track.
Create a MIDI track
Create an audio track
select the MIDI track and solo it
SOLO DEFEAT the audio Track and Master track gets muted so no more MIDI!!

I had that problem in a few versions of Cubase and it was solved but it is back again I guess!

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Solo Defeat the Stereo Out too, please.

Thank you, it does work.
I did not think of that because in previous versions where they had fixed the problem, the Solo Defeat track prevented the Master track from muting.



In which version was this fixed, please? I can reproduce the very same behaviour in Cubase 11.0.10 and Cubase 10.5.30.