Solo defeat .. i don't get it


The only way to have solo defeat on my track is to manually activate solo defeat on all bus it goes through. why can’t i have these bus automatically being solo defeat when one of there tracks is solo defeat ? wouldn’t that make sense ?
is there something to set in pref about this ?

I’m wondering about that also. It’s VERY unhandy to click on all busses and auxes solos to hear a solo track. No other DAW does that to me.

yeah i was wondering if there’s a …buses follows Solo defet track type of thing… couldn’t find it. didn’t have more time to look honestly.

I think this is one of THE strong points on Nuendo workflow.
I almost never NEED solo defeat as solo and mutes are handled automatically.
When / in what context do you use solo defeat?

in this case i research music with a voices. I want to leave the com / speak / dialogues (multiple tracks) on while working on the music to match some breathing space etc…
So i like to have voices solo defeat and really if annoying i mute it’s stem.
this way it allows me to solo parts of the music but still listening to all voices
combining that with monitor sources in CR i have all i want.

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I’ve had a solo all off key for years. It is available in the hot key section.

Hi Wheels not sure i get it. You mean the command to remove all solos ?
yes i use this but how does that help with solo defeat activation for a track ?

I think I misunderstood. If you alt click (I think, can’t remember the exact keystroke) on a solo button it will change colour and there will be a “D” there instead and it will be in solo defeat mode.