Solo defeat not working fine ?


Sorry I am a recent user of Cubase… So I don’t know if the following is normal or not.

I have midi tracks redirected to an external instrument which the stereo signal returns into cubase on
two separate audio tracks.

If I “Solo” one of the midi tracks and “Solo” the two audio tracks, I hear the intrument for the midi track as expected.
If I “Solo-defeat” one of the eaudio track… Ok. . I still hear the output in stereo.
If I “Solo-defeat” the second audio track, the sound desapears on both tracks.
If I remove the “Solo-defeate” on the audio tracks, the sound returns but for all tracks, while the initial “solo” button of the midi track is still red, meaning “Solo”…

Looks like there are some problems here…

Thanks for feedback from the forum.


Just realized I am using monitoring on these audio tracks . Not sure this explains the “issue” I observe
but it certainly reduces the scope… Still trying to understand if this is normal or not… :slight_smile: