Solo Defeat not working on Group

  • I have two guitar tracks, routed to a group. The group is solo defeated.
  • Solo any other track (to audition with the group).
  • The group fails to play as the grouped channels are now muted because of the Solo.

The only workaround I’ve found is to Solo Defeat each individual channel in the group. Only two, this time… and don’t forget the process has to be reversed. Not great.

It is ironic that Solo Defeat is causing a problem, when it is the remedy for similar problems in the solo/mute routings. Anyone interested, just put “solo defeat” in the main search box. There have been anomalies in this area for quite a while, and for quite a while we have been able to get away with acceptable workarounds, but this I think is too much of an inconvenience and I wish that Steinberg would have a look at the way solo/mute works with group and fx routings. Summat’s not right…

No reply on this, not even a confirmation (or otherwise). Still a problem, can Steinberg at least acknowledge, please, whether this is a problem or not…