Solo Defeat on an Audio Track?


I’m not sure if I’m doing this correctly, so if anyone has a better way I’d appreciate the info.

I have Bidule running outside of Cubase, and because of my personal preferences, I return the audio from Bidule back into Cubase via ADAT Lightpipe (out an “out” and back in an “in”). To hear the audio returning to Cubase, I’ve setup an “Input” track with the corresponding routes. I then inserted an audio track and set the “monitor” button to on. My problem is when I solo a midi track coming from Bidule, in order to hear the audio I have to go up to the audio track I have the audio returning in and solo it as well. When I “solo defeat” that audio track I get no sound. Do audio tracks not work with “solo defeat?” I use Logic as well and when working with Bidule, I just setup an Aux track and soloing is straight forward.

Thanks for the help.

Turn off the monitor button.

Tried that. Nothing changed. Still get no sound.

Why not Rewire or through J-Bridge or such?

J-Bridge doesn’t work on Macs.

I assume the “personal preference” part is not using VE Pro? I do, and am pretty darn happy with it.

:blush: So used to people not putting their specs in their sigs. not to mention the combined forums I forget to look. :angry:

I’m running Cubase in 64-bit and, unless I am misinformed, Rewire doesn’t work with 64-bit yet.

I am running VE Pro as well as Bidule.

Nevertheless, the intention of my original post wasn’t about how I have things setup, it is simply to find out why, when I Solo Defeat an audio track, does it not sound?


Hey! I saw this post originally a few years ago and just kind of gave up on solo-defeating audio tracks…

Since I mix through the summing bus of a D-Box, then back to an audio track return in Cubase 8, it was a pain in the a** having to solo the desired track, then manually solo the return track EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.


By accident the other day, I Solo-defeated the return track and then Solo-defeated my master fader. Now it works like a charm! Just Solo-defeat both the return track and your master fader.

It’s an odd quirk for sure, and I can’t say as I understand why it works this way but it works!

Just thought I’d reply on the off chance that you haven’t figured it out yet.


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