Solo / divisi on wrong staves

Having this problem when adding a solo part on top of a pre-existing divisi.

The 2nd divisi part tie over the barline should be connected to the 3rd line on the new page, not the 2nd. (And the 1st div part to the 2nd line.)

How can I fix this? It’s semantically incorrect inside Dorico.

What do you see if you have Galley view activated?

it’s also incorrect in Galley view:

I wish Dorico would add the new solo line on top.

Can you also screenshot your Change Divisi Dialog?

(I would ask you to upload your project, as that is best practice, but I’m not at my computer anyway)

Add all three lines Solo, 1, 2. Add a system break at the start, so you can use Manual Staff Visibility to hide the Solo line on the first page.

This is what I have in the Change Divisi dialog:

The problem is a tied note over the barline that connects to the wrong staff.

Ah, I just understood what you meant! So add the solo line earlier where this won’t present a problem. Thanks!

I hope Dorico will change this behavior in the future since it’s so good at semantic correctness elsewhere!

Something doesn’t quite seem right. I’d be surprised if this has been overlooked by the team but I could be wrong.

When you created the 2nd divisi, Dorico has no way to know that you intended the top line as an addition rather than the bottom line!

Is there a way to specify this?

In an ideal world, Dorico should know that adding a solo line should not mess up the tutti lines beneath it.

This has been a known issue for quite some time. Divisi staves are always added below. If you want the solo staff on top (as is mostly the case), it will connect to the tutti staff before it, not appear as an extra staff above, thereby ‘bumping’ the gli altri down. I hope this will be changed, as it really doesn’t feel right. But rest assured the Team is aware of it.
As mentioned, one solution (workaround) may be adding the soloist as a separate player that’s hidden most of the time, and add this player to the tutti string part layout.

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