Solo Exemption/Inclusion?

Is there a way to exempt a track from being muted when I solo other tracks? My situation is that I’m printing mixes via a analog mixer so I’m monitoring the mix from the final A/D-D/A conversion, so basically I need the stereo track I’m recording my mix to be solo’ed along with anything else I’m soloing during the mixing process. Any thoughts?



The function is called “solo defeat” and is common in all the major DAWs. From the Nuendo 4 manual:

[Alt]/[Option]-clicking a Solo button activates “Solo Defeat”
for that channel.

In this mode the channel will not be muted if you solo another channel. To
turn off Solo Defeat, [Alt]/[Option]-click the Solo button again.

Thanks…I did some manual scoping and found it…thanks for response. All is now well!